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Super Secret Special Top Shelf Fire Cannabis Enid, Oklahoma

Natural Remedies Dispensary Enid Oklahoma Top Shelf Fire Cannabis Special

Natural Remedies Dispensary in Enid, Oklahoma is have a Super Secret Special in the month of August. We are offering 8th of ANY cannabis flower for only $20! Limited 1 per customer. Stop by anytime during the month of August and tell your budtender the secret code: Number 1 in Enid to receive your discount. This includes any flower. We have the best top shelf fire cannabis flower in town. Don’t miss this Super Secret Special promotion.

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The best local dispensary in town, Natural Remedies Dispensary located in Enid, Oklahoma. We offer the best in cannabis products and apparel. We have daily discounts, stop by our dispensary and start saving.


1# in Patient Advocacy

We are the #1 in patient advocacy. We are here to help our community learn about their rights to medical marijuana. Our passion is to help our customers navigate the process of getting their medial marijuana card, education them to the right products to help with their ailment, and encourage confidence in their discussion to use cannabis. We’re here for you, nonjudgemental, approachable, and understanding. Come see us today!

Why Cannabis Flower

When we’re talking about cannabis flower, we’re essentially referring to the dried flower bud of a female cannabis plant. Flower contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids that help to create the psychoactive effects experienced when smoking marijuana. It also contains trichomes, a significant source of THC and terpenes, the organic aromas found in the oils of flowering marijuana.

Flower types can be found in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, making it easy to find exactly the right product you’d like to try in the potency you crave.

To understand how potency might affect you, we’ve made this simple chart for beginners:

  • Less than 10% THC: Mild psychoactive effects. You can feel the effects of the strain but they aren’t overwhelming.
  • 10% – 20% THC: Stronger psychoactive effects. Whether you’re smoking by yourself or sharing with friends, a single session with this potency of flower will leaving you feeling all the effects of the strain.
  • More than 20% THC: Strongest psychoactive effects. We do not recommend beginners start with this level of potency.

As with all cannabis products, you should start slow and go from there. Multiple sessions with a lower THC product can result in the same effects as a stronger product, making it much easier to dose to your needs.


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Natural Remedies Dispensary Enid Oklahoma Top Shelf Fire Cannabis Special


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